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‘The River Wild’ Twenty Years Later: Uncovering Gail’s Rafting Journal – The Wire Sep 30

'The River Wild' Twenty Years Later: Uncovering Gail's Rafting Journal
The Wire
... showings on cable TV will tell you. On this, its 20th anniversary, we went and dug up the vacation journal of Streep's character, Gail, a mother and expert rafting guide who was faced with a crumbling marriage and a trio of armed robbers on her ...

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Top 10 shots: Readers’ winning pix from vacation photo contest – The Seattle Times Sep 29

The Seattle Times

Top 10 shots: Readers' winning pix from vacation photo contest
The Seattle Times
You gave it your best shots, with Seattle Times readers submitting hundreds of photos for our summer vacation-photo contest. The top 10 .... "To our kids and grandkids, tubing fun on Lake Sammamish includes flying off the tube or holding on for dear ...

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